Lakefront Green Living Cauipe

Lakefront Green Living Cauipe is excellent living at the lakeside. Offering magnificent views at the natural mountain skyline and enjoying the greatness of Green Living Cauipe. The development of Lakefront Green Living Cauipe has taken great care of the natural quality allready there on the location itself as well. It will be beautifull living enjoying the natural pond with all it’s vegetation and green life.


Loteamento Lakefront Green Living Cauipe offers great opportunity for investment. The last decade Ceara has been growing significantly due to a structural succesfull investment programm of the goverment. Investments in infrastructure and economy giving Ceara an international profile.

Also the infrastructure has expaned hugely. The port of Pecém has found an international partner: Dutch Port of Rotterdam Authority. This partner opens up opportunities for international trade flows and investments from Europe. Pecém’s strategic location gives it teh potential to become the logistical and industrial hub of Northeast Brazil. The port also has an Export Processing Zone (ZPE), an erea with attractive tax incentives for companies which focus on exporting.  Visit website →

Next to a large potential for economy Ceará offers beautiful beaches and a sunny climate making it one of the best places for Brazil’s tourism. Many hotels, stylish posada’s, restaurants and bars offering a pleasant stay and creating a pleasant life to live and enjoy holidays. Cumbuco is one of the best kitesurf locations’ the world. Life is good in Ceará: Visit website → 


Loteamento Lakefront Green Living Cauipe is strategically located within short distance of all these strong keyfactors making it a perfect place to live an excellent life. A strong alternative to the crowded appartments in the city. Living outside and enjoying the fresh wind.

New infrastructure connects Port of Pecém and Fortaleza.