Lakefront Green Living Cauipe

Lakefront Green Living Cauipe is excellent living at the lakeside of lagamar do Cauipe. Offering magnificent views at the surrounding mountain skyline and the great Lagamar do Cauipe.
The development of Lakefront Green Living Cauipe has taken great care of the local natural habitat. The location slopes gently down to the lake, offering all plots a beautiful view. As much vegetation as possible has been preserved in the design with more than 26,000 m2 of nature inside the project. Together with this local green vegetation it is excellent green living in front of Lagamar do Cauipe.

Residential lots

Lakefront Green Living Cauipe is excellent living at the shore of a beautiful lake and close to the ocean. A luxurious private loteamento, creating places for people enjoying a healthy lifestyle, at home relaxing from their busy lives in Fortaleza, Caucaia or Pecém.

Lakefront Green Living Cauipe is developing 350 lots for constructing villa’s. Quality lots with views towards the mountains and Green Living Cauipe. Lakefront also has many beautyfull scenery’s of itself.


Commercial lots

Lakefront Green Living Cauipe offers quality lifestyle. A clubhouse, infinitypool giving you fabulous views over the lake, tenniscourt; many facilities will be created to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. What about waterskiing or sailing at Green Living Cauipe itself?!


Lakefront Green Living Cauipe offers great opportunity for investment. The past decade Ceará has been growing significantly due to a structural successful investment program of the government. Investments in infrastructure and economy giving Ceará an international profile. The city of Fortaleza has grown up to over 2,5 million people. It’s the new gateway to Brazil!
Main economic sectors in Ceará are industry, energy, mining, tourism, services and agribusiness. For Loteamento Lakefront Green Living Cauipe the development of the Pecém industrial and port complex has been very important, creating up to 280.000 jobs for people who need a house to live. This successful investment program started in 2010 and since then many jobs already have been created.

Lakefront Favorites

Hotels and restaurants are close and offering a wide variety of food, comfort and luxury. A perfect way to meet people and enjoy life.


Lagamar do Cauipe was for years a well-hidden jewel along the coastline in Céara. Thanks to all the investments in infrastructure over the past decade, the location is now easily accessible.
Now it is an investment area in transformation. Beautiful projects are being realized in the direct neighborhood truly making Lagamar do Cauipe a new place to live. 


Lakefront Green Living Cauipe has successful applied for the necessary permits for realizing the project. Now we are ready for the next step.