The state of Ceará has been focusing on a sustainable economic growth for the last decades. It’s main economic sectors are industry, energy, mining, tourism, services and agribusiness. For Loteamento Lakefront Green Living Cauipe the development of the Pecém industrial and port complex has been very important, creating up to 280.000 jobs for people who need a house to live. The investment program by the government started in 2010. A successful program, many jobs allready have been created.

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  • Fortaleza (over 2,5 million people) (download PDF)
  • Caucaia (over 350.000 people)
  • Port of Pecém (download PDF)
  • ZPE (download PDF)
  • Steel Mill (R$ 15 billlion investment, operational in 2016, export steel to Asia)
  • CTTC – Worker training center
  • Shopping
  • Tourism